Dr. Ross Scott

Jan 25, 2017


Dr. Ross Scott proudly returns to the TEDxNashville stage this year after a two-year hiatus focused on mad and magical corporate America.

The product of public schooling in rural central Texas, Dr. Scott recognizes the difference education makes in life. He was a first-generation college student who completed undergraduate and master’s degrees at Texas A&M University on a valedictory scholarship in the 1980’s under the watchful eye of many influencers. Vanderbilt University brought him to Nashville and he completed a doctorate there in 2000.

After several roles in higher education, he joined a Nashville-based well-being company called Healthways in 2004. There, Dr. Scott became a utility player who was given the opportunity to move from department to department when a fresh start was needed. He helped launch programs such as educational innovations, internal communications, and merging workforces. Ultimately, he became the company’s Global Chief People Officer with responsibility for colleagues on several continents. When Healthways sold its largest division to Dr. Oz’s Sharecare in late 2016, Dr. Scott helped colleagues get settled, then exited the corporate world.

Today, Dr. Scott lives on the beach in Florida with his partner of two decades and now husband (thank you, President Obama), Jimmy Gilmore. They have one son, David, who is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and is currently a Peace Corps volunteer in a village near Makambako, Tanzania, Africa. Jimmy and Ross spend their days with a beautiful, super old, originally-black Lab named Jader and her sister/replacement, Fat Hattie, a blonde Lab. They dabble in real estate, read a ton, practice Transcendental Meditation, and live lives filled with gratitude. They spend most days trying to figure out how to keep it simple and somehow pay it forward just a little bit every single day.

Ross Scott TEDxNashville

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