Dr. Steven Schlozman

Jan 21, 2017


Dr. Steve Schlozman is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He majored in English and biology at Stanford University, and after teaching high school English and science, attended Dartmouth and Brown University Medical Schools.

Schlozman has authored more than 40 academic publications, often focusing on the relationship of the humanities and popular culture to medical education and practice. He has helped design video games that teach adolescents about neurobiology and has collaborated at Kings College, London to assess attitudes regarding psychiatry among medical educators and curricula.

Dr. Schlozman also enjoys writing. He teaches the subject at Harvard and is the author of, “The Zombie Autopsies.” Additionally, Schloman blogs for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and has written articles for The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Psychology Today, The Southwest Airlines Magazine, NBC.com, CNN.com, ABC.com, Newsweek and The Guardian. More important and salient to any of what is above are the facts that he has two amazing daughters, a completely wonderful wife, and unwaveringly loyal dogs. What more is there?

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