Éva Boros

Jan 22, 2017


Éva Boros is the Co-founder of Nashville Walls Project, and an Executive Producer of Saving Banksy. As an art consultant and curator, Boros strives to redefine the way art is accessed and consumed.

Born in Schorndorf, Germany, in 1988, Boros grew up in Hungary after the withdrawal of Soviet Occupation in 1991. At age 11, she emigrated to the United States. Although the transition from a post-communist culture to the hyper-capitalist U.S. proved difficult, witnessing graffiti was a primary point of similarity among the various cities and countries she frequented during her adolescence. As a result, she became fascinated by the subculture and visuals surrounding the art form. She has since written and produced Saving Banksy, a documentary about the theft and appropriation of street art and graffiti.

She is also Co-Founder of Nashville Walls Project, which aims to bring street art by both international and local artists to public spaces. Critical of commercialized art and the industry that has come to delineate it, Boros is an advocate for basic, commonsense ethical values for the benefit of artists and consumers. She works with street artists, galleries, and private collectors. Boros has also been published in various arts magazines.

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