Thomas Eastham

Jan 22, 2017


Tom Eastham spent thirty-two years working for the U.S. Space Shuttle program at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He is part of a small group that worked the entirety of the shuttle program’s 135 missions, STS-1 to STS-135, including the first test vehicle OV-101 Enterprise, in 1979. One of a few to witness every launch, this included milestones like the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station (ISS) missions, as well as both the Challenger and Columbia disasters. With more than three decades of experience across the space shuttle program, he provides perspective on its remarkable achievements, where our space program is now, and where we are headed.

Recently retired, Tom is a Docent for NASA and the Shuttle Atlantis to help educate the public on our space program’s history, as well as steps NASA is taking to advance our exploration of space.

– Morehead State University; BS
– Cincinnati Metropolitan College; Computer Sciences
– Florida Institute of Technology; Graduate Work

Job Titles
– Launch Control Center data analyst, NASA, Kennedy Space Center
– NASA Docent program with KSC/Atlantis
– ISO Quality System Auditor / Audit and Government Liaison

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