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We at TEDxNashville believe our mission to elevate world-changing ideas to the global platform is more important today than ever. We need inspiration. We need comfort. We need solutions. 

With over 10 million views of our talks online, TEDxNashville has taken its place as a national leader in the celebration of ideas. We invite you to join this important work during an unprecedented moment in history. Thank you for your support in the past, and we hope to see you soon at another TEDxNashville event!

TEDxNashville Rita Wilson

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Rita Wilson, actress and film producers, explains that we need to ask ourselves what it is we want, and go for it.

Azita Ghanizada, actress and advocate, shared her journey of assimilation from Afghanistan and TV’s impact. 

David Ikard, Professor at Vanderbilt, discusses whether white people should care about whitewashing black history.

Michael Brody-Waite, CEO and Entrepreneur, bridges the gap between drug addicts and leaders.  

Stephen Mansfield, Nationally known author, tells the story of the Kurds.

Dr. David Vago, Cognitive Neuroscientist, explains how meditation and mindfulness can improve positive habits.

What People Are Saying

It was a packed two days of some incredible thoughts from an impressive lineup of speakers. From the very tiniest antibodies in our white blood cells to the very huge galactic mysteries yet to be solved, TEDxNashville gave attendees a lot to think about.

— Marcia A. Masulla & Kimberly Novosel 


I believe that part of the appeal of TED Talks is the “purity” of the platform. No politics, religion, or advertising. No fees or honorariums. Viewers appreciate that TED Talks are a safe space, where the only agenda is enhancing society through imparting knowledge, sharing ideas, and sparking creativity.

— Rob Ivy, CFO, Lee Company

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