Ashley Brooke James & Elizabeth Moore

Ashley Brooke James is a visionary entrepreneur, community connector, and passionate mental health advocate. Recognized as one of Nashville’s prominent Black Business Leaders, she boasts over a decade of expertise in IT recruiting, sales, and business development in addition to a 300-hour yoga certification.

Elizabeth Moore, an entrepreneur and hustle culture dropout, is an experience design enthusiast with a deep passion for crafting exceptional gatherings and fostering meaningful connections. Elizabeth holds certifications in yoga and health coaching and has over a decade of experience in marketing and branding.

Driven by their shared experiences of burnout and a desire to create a more inclusive wellness landscape, Ashley Brooke and Elizabeth joined forces in 2018 to co-found TRILUNA—a trailblazing company working to center the human experience at large-scale events.

Today, TRILUNA empowers event organizers to elevate their gatherings and enhance participant engagement by seamlessly integrating mindfulness, fitness, and community-building activations into conferences, retreats, meetings, and more.