Molly Cloud

A nationally recognized and experienced financial advisor, Molly Cloud has spent her career finding solutions to her clients’ most complicated financial issues.

With her success in a business built on relationships, Molly has talked with hundreds of women at all ages and stages of life. In those conversations, she has learned that money is harder for most women to discuss than more personal topics, like family, health, religion and politics.

Although her career in finance began more than two decades ago, it was more recently when Molly found her voice in her own life, regarding financial matters.

Approaching her 40th birthday and the end of her first marriage, Molly was faced with the reality that she would be supporting 3 young children, while building her business and working through the process of divorce. It became clear that her choices to abdicate most financial decisions to her husband for over 15 years, and avoid discussing money with those in her closest circles, only added to her stress, and vowed to change everything about the way she
found her worth, from that day forward.

In 10 years, Molly went from having little financial independence, to earning a seven figure income and managing nearly 1 billion dollars, as a trusted advisor. Her greatest honor, however, is watching her own daughters discuss investments, budgeting and their financial
goals, just as comfortably as their money savvy brother and his friends.

Molly is a Senior Vice President, Sports and Entertainment Director and Alternative Investments Director at one of the largest wealth management firms in the world. She has been recognized, multiple years, as one of Forbes Top Female Advisors and Best In State Wealth Managers in Tennessee.

She serves on the Advisory Board for her firm’s Global Sports and Entertainment Division, has previously served on the Parents’ Board at her children’s school, and volunteers to speak to students in the Entrepreneurial Leadership program on topics of personal finance, budgeting and business.

Outside of the office, Molly is a mother of 3, step-mother of 2, and avid snow skier. 

Molly and her husband, Jay, live in downtown Franklin, where they have recently purchased a 123 year old home. Most of her free time is spent working on endless home projects, and she welcomes HGTV to visit anytime if they would like to finish them on her behalf!